Bentley & Alvis Aventure - Day Seven


Day 7 Friday August 30th 2019 - Arrive Lerwick, Shetland early morning.

We are in Shetland!

Bentley & Alvis Adventure - Day Seven

Friday - arrival on Shetland

A fairly good crossing from Kirkwall and manage a little sleep despite sharing cabin with Malcolm.  Sleep interrupted by snoring and farting!

Fridays weather quite nice and some sunshine.  The multitasker Ivan takes Malcolm’s car and finally sorts out the brake problems.  He then has taken my spare wheel and replaced the damaged inner tube so i now have a working spare wheel.  We decide that the Bentley emitting some blue smoke is a sticking valve or faulty valve seal.  I check with Steve Lovatt at Ristes motors (the restorers) who agrees and reassures me that if I take it carefully and it doesn’t make any unpleasant noises the this should get me home ok.  Just need to top up oil regularly.  Still makes me a little nervous though.

During the evening we had a meal with all the old friends from our road trip to Shetland three years ago in the Bedford OB.  A great deal of story telling and loud laughter which probably annoyed the other hotel guests - sorry.