Nick Taylor Coach Owner1.         Nick Taylor is the owner of the coach and is gifting the coach back to the Shetland Islands.  He will also be one of the main drivers on the trip to Shetland. (Pictured with Coach)

2.         Ivan Robertson, resident in Shetland.  Ivan is a professional coach driver and will be responsible for maintenance and helping with driving the coach.

3.         Tom Taylor.  Recently retired professional chef who will look after culinary requirements of the team.

4.         Rev Michael Kingston. In charge of the route and possibly our spiritual needs?

5.         Mike Batcheler. Financial management and publicity but also helping with driving the coach.

Trevor Allchin Semi Professional Photographer and Movie Maker6.         Elizabeth Robertson will be supporting Tom with purchasing provisions and food preparation.

7.         John Watt (owner of the coach whilst in Shetland) will assist with the driving.

8.         Mark Robinson (Shetlander) will be in charge of the support vehicle, and the arrangements on Orkney and Shetland.

9.         Trevor Allchin. Trevor is a semi professional photographer/movie maker who will accompany the trip and produce a professional quality DVD of our adventure.  This will provide us with a wonderful photographic record of our trip.  We anticipate that DVD’s could be sold to raise further funds for the long term maintenance of the coach.  (Pictured Right)

10.       Philippa Green (Web Designer) in charge of updating the Web Site, Facebook Page and Twitter Page during our trip.